Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review; A Just Deception by Adrienne Giordano

It was good book, did not put it down till finshed. Too bad that their too many creeps out their in the world.
Isabelle is a lawyer working in her uncle law firm, when her cousin Kendrick comes in snd traps her in copy room. he has been back for years. Isabelle calls her friend in chicago and asks him to put security system in her house.
Peter is home in New Jersy on forced vacation when his boss calls and asks him to do a favore and see what system she needs.  Peter is instantly attracted to Isabella and falls in love with her house. He sees she is weary and tells her to call if she needs anything.
The next morning Isabelle wakes up with her cousin trying to rape her and she beats him up. She doesn't want to call cops so she calls Peter. He comes and they take him to his father and she warns her uncle to keep him away from her or she will kill him.
Kendrick had  sexualy abused her from the time she was little till 15 when her uncle walked in and got him. Her mom was talked into not calling cops and her parents divorced after that. Her father had a friend teach her self defense.
Well Kendrick is found murdered she is a suspect and so is Peter but they have alabies. FBI convince her that to go visit the compound where her cousin lived because they had a missing girl thier and new they were breaking some laws and thought she could get into the compound and see if more children were in danger. Peter goes too.
Isabelle has a lot of trouble trusting in guys. she turns off her emotions and has sex. Peter does not want her when she turns off and wants her when she can feel too.
Peter has issues with two friends died in the past year from work. He his not coping and they took his guns away till he faced his loss and quilt.
So Isabelle tries and finds out what her cousin was up too. plus trying to deal with her feelings. Peter is trying to protect her while falling in love and dealing with his past.
Their are a lot of tough problems they are dealing with while figuring out what her cousin and Seth were up too.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
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