Friday, August 26, 2011

review: The Man She Loves to Hates by Kelly Hunter

Its always hard for me to see people that are so inocent suffering for no good reason. Jolie when she was 12 was hurrying to catch up with Hannah but Hannah was not waiting for her as usual. Hannah and her big brother Cole would not look at her or talk to her, infact Hannah got all their friends to dump Jolie too because her mother was having an affair with Hannah's father.
Now thier dad was dead 12 years later and Jolie was up to their ski  lodge and cleaned out all her mother's stuff from the cabin on a day of funneral so she would not run into Cole or Hannah.
The Gondal ride last of the day was only Jolie and Cole was up their she was warned. So Jolie borrowed someones goggles,hats scarf she was already in borrowed man's coat.
Jolie answered Cole in short answers in deep voice and always looked away from him and it was short ride but all of a sudden the ride stopped and they could not get answer from emergency phone and no cell service. They saw one avalanch but missed them but the second caused the gondola to fall. Cole had head injury so Jolie got him mad so he would keep going till they climbed back up and broke in kiosk.
Cole finally realized who she was after she saved his life. Cole for years had fought wanting her. He asked for one kiss and ended up too close. Finally they were rescued.
Cole realized how unfair he had been to Jolie and saw a lot of that he liked. Cole was now head of his dad's many businesses and trying to keep ski resort to reopen. Cole wanted to keep seeing Jolie and went and flew up to visit every weekend for a month. Cole wanted more. Jolie was afraid that their family and town would not let them.
I enjoyed this romance they had. Jolie was a strong woman and would not give up on herself or Cole. Jolie did not want any thing from Cole's dad will in fact she gave it back to him.
Would love to see Hannah story someday. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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