Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Mr. Right there all along by Jackie Braun

I liked it was cute romance.
Chole is working part time at a job she likes and the boss keeps telling her the next full time job is hers.  Chole in the mail gets her ten yr reunion notice. Three girls made her life miserable in high school just thinking about it drives her crazy. Sh she is eating comfort food and Simon  calls and comes over. He got the invitation a week earlier. they have been best friends scince grade school.
Simon was a nerd but not he owns a company thats doing great and  he is in great shape. Though his girl just dumped him.  Simon dad is getting married for the sixth time. So he doesn't see a lot of people sticking around in his life. So he doesnt want to let Chole know he is attracted to her and loves her because he doesn't want to loose her friendship.
Chole decides she is going to wow at reunion. She starts dieting and goes running with Simon. She gets her teeth whitened so she wont drink red wine, coffee or tea. She tries to get a fake tan but it turns her orange.
Simon keeps telling her she is perfect and it drive him nuts that she is changing for people she doesnt even see. He is glad that she is getting healthier with exersize and eating healthier. He doesn't think she needs to loose weight fix the gap in her teeth. Become any more perfect than what she is right now.
Its fun to see the trouble Chole gets into trying to get ready for reunion and watching them try to hide how much they love each other.
Its a fast read entertaining book. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
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