Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Gifts and Consequences by Daniel Coleman

Well the last chapter took me awhile to read because I used a lot of tissue.  It was a good lesson did not agree with everything but made me think and care and feel,
Jonathan is almost a billionare shy a few million. When his wife got alltimers in her early 40's he sold all his property and closed down his busness at the peak. Susan asked him to always remind her that he was her husband. told Jonathan thier was so much good he could do in her name that she could not do anymore.
So Jonathan does not believe in giving anything without a return. So if he hears someone say they would walk across the US and back if thier was away to save his wife. Jonathan would give him a chance to see if he really would do it but if he agreed and quit thier would be a penalty.
Most kept thier promises and Jonathan kept his word always. He ended up with a lot of employees to help him keep track and to find those that needed help and where willing to do things  to get it.
One young woman cat needed surgery and offered to volunteer at vets office in exchange for it. The vet did not take her up on it, but Jonathan did. She volunteered at Humain society for a year and now works for Jonathan. The people who kept their word got what they asked for and learned life lessons in return.
I was touched by this story in so many ways. I would read more of Daniel work. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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