Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: White Tiger by Kylie Chan



Wow I have never heard anything about the mythology of China. Just a little bits here and there. It was confusing for me to get it straight but sounds like others do to or they mean different things in different regions and different names. I enjoyed reading about them.
Emma is a kindergarden teacher in Hong Kong from down under. Emma has one private student she teaches english to Simone. Simone father is Mr. Chen a rich powerful man. The owner of the school Miss Kwok wants Emma to spy on Mr. Chen. Emma resigns and is offered full time nannie position, which is a livein job for 5000 US dollars a month. Emma wants to know what his work is and is it legal. She is told that it is and after you have been here awhile he will tell her.
Simone is a 4 yr old girl, who is charming and loving. Who is excited to have Emma full time nannie. Emma has different lessons she is learning,piano, violin,horseback riding, english, martial arts and demon fighting.
Leo is called a black Lion he is over 6 foot a big black body gaurd. He will protect Simone with his life he feels quilty he could not save Simone mother life.
Mr. Chen you learn about him the whole book a little at a time. He is a shen. He is a general lived on the mountain thats not on this plain. Till he got Married and stayed humane to take care and protect Simone. He is part turtle and snake. He is dark Lord. Because he cant go to the mountain he is getting weaker and weaker thinks he has two more years left before he will have to leave this plain and has no idea how long it will be before he is strong enough to come back to earth. He is god of martial arts infact he invented most of them.
Emma fits right in as the nannie but it is driving her crazy not to know who or what John does. Who are the badguys. Why are they trying to kidnap Simmone. About 6 months after she is fulltime she learns the main secrets. She asks to learn martial arts to help protect Simone and herself. She is falling in love with John but can never be with him without killing herself.
The story draws you into the world of Chinese gods. They come and visit John and to be trained by him. It feels real and natural how the story unfolds it goes in great detail of life everyday and training of martial arts and demon fighting. It has a lot of love between the characters, family bonds, friends bonds and even romantic love. It has a lot of demon fighting and killing. Rich lifestyle, full of mythology of China.
Its a nice size book of 528 pages. Their are two more books in this series cant wait to read them. Would recommend this book. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
09/01/2011 PUB Harper Collins Voyager

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