Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Her Colton Lawman by Carla Cassidy (The Coltons: Return to Wyoming)

Catch up with the crime-fighting Coltons!
Witnessing a murder plunges Nina Owens into nerve-shattering danger. Police chief Flint Colton is sure the perp is taking down witnesses, so the handsome cop orders Nina into protective custody…in his home! And while she's grateful to him, Nina just can't shake her deep distrust of police. But all that falls away when Flint's scintillating kiss awakens something deep within her.

As Thanksgiving approaches with Dead River quarantined, the search for a missing child puts Nina and the killer on a collision course. She knows Flint is haunted by a past failure to save a witness…and that he'll put himself in the line of fire before he ever lets her down
Print Length: 288 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense (November 1, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

My review: Her Colton Lawman by Carla Cassidy(The Coltons: Return to Wyoming)


This is a series that the stories are written by different authors continue the overall story arc. This one has a couple of plot lines going on. The major plot line is their is a virus in the small Wyoming town of Dead River that is killing people. The town is in quarantine. They can not get in or out of the area. They do not know why or how the virus is passed around or what will cure it.

The Colton's grandmother is one of the first to get the virus and she has been in a coma.

There was a jail break and a dangerous man Hank is on the loose.

Another man stole the Colton family heirloom ring and Colton's cousins money.

Her Colton Lawman is Flint and Nina's story. There has been a murder in town and Nina witnesses it. Now she is in danger.

Flint Colton is the Chief of police. The town is running scared. He has two criminals is searching for. He knows they can't get out of town.
He needs to find them before the quarantine is lifted. Flint moved back home for personal reason but also to help his brother to get well. He is single.

Nina owns the local café. Her business is way down but still has people to come in. She is happy and friendly to everyone but Flint. She never plans on marrying. The only man she has been attracted to is Flint.

This is has so much drama, suspense and danger. There are a few love scenes that I skipped over. It is a very busy plot. I keep hoping that some of the bigger plot lines will get closer to solving them. It draws you into the plot right off the bat. You can feel the tension in the characters and town.

I first thought this plot of a town quarantine was over the top. Then in the news is about ebola virus killing so many in Africa. And people are having hard time getting out. Made the plot more real. It would be scary to not know if your exposed.

I will keep reading this story line I want to know who survives, where the virus came from, do the bad guys get away or got. What is going to happen next to Dead River, WY.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Harlequin. In exchange I agreed to give honest review of Her Colton Lawman.

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