Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spell Struck by Ariella Moon (Teen Wytche Saga #2)

What if the one person who saw through your lies and loved you, harbored a secret that could cost you everything?

When goth outcast Salem Miller casts a love spell on Halloween night, she asks for a boy who is handsome, magical, and artistic. She doesn’t count on Fate sending Aidan Cooper.

As a child, Aidan thought he was being rescued, not abducted. Now fifteen and homeless, he realizes he was taken because of his Gypsy blood. His kidnappers believe he’ll lead them to the Grey Grimoire, a valuable gypsy spell book. Madness. The book doesn’t even exist.

Or does it?

Salem is charged with fixing a half-destroyed spell book, her last hope for saving her sister. Amy attempted suicide and the meds aren’t helping. Maybe a powerful Get Well Spell will cure her.

Aidan’s kidnappers will kill to attain the Grey Grimoire. But if he destroys it, Salem will hate him. Either way, he loses. Again.

My review: Spell Struck by Ariella Moon (Teen Wytche Saga #2)


Spell Struck is the second book in the Teen Wytche series. Most of the characters are back from Spell Check plus a lot of new ones.
The characters drew me into the story so much I admit to crying in a few places both happy and sad tears. There is plenty of drama, real problems like teen suicide, I like how Salem worried about her sister read the warnings signs of teen depression.

This book starts right after the last one finished pretty much. It is Salem who is one of the central characters. Salem meets a new boy in school who fits the love spell she wrote. Her older sister Amy has problems and Salem's whole family is worried about her.

Aidan 15 wants to go to school. He is homeless and the couple that took him in are not nice. Kali a older teen who lives with them tries to help Aidan where she can. Aidan is a artist that works with wood. He has a lot of secrets.

Salem has the Grimoire. It is in bad shape and smells of brimstone. She wants to heal or fix it and hopes there is a spell to heal her sister Amy.

The reason Aidan and his kidnappers are in town is because they think the Gypsy spell book is here. They think Aidan will be the key to finding it. Aidan & Kali don't believe that it really exists. They don't want them to find it if it does. They are living in a foreclosed home. Without water, electricity and heat. Makes you glad for your home.

The setting is outside of San Fransico, CA is a community. In modern times. A lot of the book centers on there schooling.

It is a book that I did not want to put down. I want to know what happens next to these characters lives. I really did enjoy the ending of this book. I know that are a lot of them back in the second half of the third book.

I was given this ebook to read by the author so I could give it a honest review of Spell Struck.

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Ariella Moon said...

Thank you Rhonda for reviewing Spell Struck. I am so glad you are enjoying the Teen Wytche Saga! Salem and Aidan return in Spell For Sophia!