Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Every Other Day by Jennifer lynn Barnes

I have to admit that I was moved to tears in a few places. I know its just a book but I find I can't stop them. So the Character changed and developed in a growing way.
Kali D'Angelo was the new kid in school. She did not want to be notice, she was used to being alone. Kali is a normal kid well at least every other day. The other day she is something else. Kali does not know what she is and has told no one. Kali hunts and kills creatures like zombies,hellhounds,dragons and other things that prey on humans even if its against the law. She is stronger,faster and  heals so much faster.
Skylar talks a lot and fast. She took to Kali and introduced her around. Skylar was one of the kids that popular kids picked on.  Even though one brother was dating a cheerleader and was part of the group. She has 5 older brothers. Skylar is also pyschic though her brother Elliot does not believe her.
Elliot is a popular student and doesn't understand skylar not trying harder to get along. He is dating Bethany a cheerleader.
Bethany has a lot of secrets too. She was mean at first to Kali and I thought I would not like her but I do. Her dad in now Kali's father boss. Bethany had a tattoo on her back meaning that she would die that day unless Kali steps in on a day she   is normal. Bethany could quit when she kept going and trying to help I liked  her more.

The book was engageing, action and even a mystery thrown. I would read more of their story if they continued it. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
12/27/2011 PUB EGMONT USA

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