Tuesday, December 6, 2011

reviewed: Fillies and Females by Bev Petterson

I have enjoyed all of Bev's books that I have read so far.  They all have to do with horses and horse racing. Their is a mystery to solve too. Some of it I guessed but not all of it.
Becky has worked for three years as a nurse to Martha. The last little while since her husband has died Martha's health as gone down fast. Martha has leaned more on Becky.  In fact she is using Becky as her eyes and ears about her horses and how they are doing.
Becky is shy especially around guys. She was a foster child and got to go to horse camp one summer and loves horses. Becky is getting more confident the more she has to go and interact with others. Plus Martha keeps conning her into different changes, like clothes ,haircut and makeup.
Dino is a ladies man since his divorce, and never plans on getting married again.  He is also Martha's horse trainer. Dino has slept with 6 of Martha's nurses in the year he has been working for her.
The story keeps your attention and draws you into horse racing business, I really liked Becky.

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