Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review:Popular Clone by M.E. Castle

I liked it but wonder about what age would read it. Their are a lot of big words. I am not sure if the kids would know the words or would look them up. I know I was bad at looking up words when I was in school
Fisher is a 12 year old who is really smart. His parents are too in fact they are all scienists and inventers. Even have won a noble prize. Fisher is picked on and bullied by the vikings 3 bigger kids. He is shy and wants out of school maybe start collage.
His mom invented a flying pig because his dad said when pigs fly so of course they invented FP. One of his parents invented talking appliances, big vegatables that could only come into the garage they were so big. His mom was working on a new chemical that made things grow fast.
Fisher got the idea to take a little and break it down so he could make more and clone himself. So the clone would go to school and deal with the bullies and other problems their. Fisher through trial and error made a clone of himself in a three day weekend.
The clone Fisher calls him Fisher two or just Two for short.  Well Two saw a commercial and thought the mom on it disappeared was their mom. Two also read wikipedia got a lot of knowledge from their.  Two became popular fast made lots of friends, fought the vikings back,played jokes got called to princable office.
Doctor X was evil scientist that was trying to find out the formula His mom invented. Two different times his spies tried to break into house while Fisher was hiding and scared them off.
It used science, and smarts to invent stuff, action to take care of bad guys and stand up too bullies.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
01/24/2012 PUB Egmont USA

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