Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review:They Stood Alone! 25 men and women Who made a difference bh Sandra McLeod Humphrey

I found this book to be simple and easy to use. It tells about 25 men, and women who made a difference.
I needed to read this. So many facts and information I had forgotten and some people just know the names and others nothing. I was especially bad about the women.
Harriet Tubman all I knew was a slave escaped. I had no idea that she went back to rescue other slaves 19 times and led over 300 slaves to freedom.
Clara Barton I just new she was a nurse. She fought for the right to go to the battlefields and treat soldiers their and saved many lifes. She started American Red Cross. Taught school and helped women to get voting rites.
I enjoyed reading these short biographies about what these 25 people did when everyone said they were wrong they continued on and made life for me a lot better.
I was given this book in exchange of honest review.
Published 2011 by Prometheus Books ISBN 978-1-61614-485-2

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Thanks so much for reviewing my book--your review is greatly appreciated!