Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: The Arranger by L.J. Sellers

Could not put this book down. Stayed up reading till 3:00 AM and could not read the last 50 pages. Mind was willing eyes not.
I definately want to read more of L.J. Sellers works.
This is a book in the near future. Major homeless problem.  Lot harder to find a job, especially a job with medical insurance.
Lara used to be a detective and now is paramedic. Less goverment,less police,teachers and gas over 8$.
Lara gets called to a house and treats the man with gunshot wound does want to go to hospital. Says it was his lover because he cheated on him.  He is overseeing the gauntlet in two days.  Lara is in it. So she agrees to not report it but does not want his help to win.
The gauntlet is in its 3rd year.  One person from every state competes in the game. Lara won the competions to compete for her state of Oregon. The winner wins 10,000$ but also wins more Jobs for police and teachers for their state.
The shooter was not his lover and saw her at compition was stalking the Comissioner and killed someone else and Lara is prime suspect.
The story is written from two characters points of view. One Lara's and the other is Pauls a federal worker in D.C.
I really enjoyed reading  rooting, caring  for both Lara and Paul to win.  Lara is strong women who has overcome a lot and still has issues and cares for others. Paul I felt sorry for him.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest reviews from Librarything.

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