Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review:Beside a Dreamswept Sea by Vicki Hinze

I only  got teary eyed in this last book Seascape Inn. I know that they were written long tim e and under a different name. But I wish Selena got her own story.
Susie breaks your heart with nightmares every night. Jeremy would get on anyones nerves once in a while but he is so loving. The baby likes to put weird stuff in her hair.Bryce is a widow raising his three children and trying and like anyone else feel like failing sometimes. Br yce loves his kids and is their for them.
While they first came to  Seascape Inn instead of sleeping in his own bed he slept out in the hall so he would hear Susie when the Nightmare comes.
Newly divorced  Callie gets drawn to Seascape Inn.  She was verbily abused and husband only agreed to alimony because his lawye set it up. (Which of course being Bryce) Callie never  came to any of the divorce meetings.
Both Callie & Bryce swear never to love again.  Both of thier spouses took all their love and did not givthie love back.
It had some nice drama to this last book and had some answers as well.  Too like all the characters of the town.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from netgalley.
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