Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: Enchanted Again by Robin D Owens

This is my first book that I have read of Robin's but won't be the last.  I enjoyed learning about her world.  Seeing  Amber all she risks to help others and lessons she learns.
I would love to meet the residents of Mistic circle, besides Amber and the brownies. I fit in that world love chocolate too.  Amber sure has to buy a lot of it because she uses it to bribe or pay for favors.
Amber is a curse breaker but she pays a big price for it. Each time she breaks a curse she pays with years of  her life. Her biggest one so far cost her 5 years of her life and it also effects her animals and those she has ties too. Amber learned that lesson the hard way.
Amber one day while she is out in her garden a brownie appears Pred and his wife appear they live over at her neighbors house who has gone away for awhile and become friends with Amber when she starts giving them chocolate.  Amber is 26 years but her body is now in her 30's.
Conrad and Rafe show up to her house and Conrad wants her to fix his curse both of them are cursed but Rafe does not believe in the curse.
Conrad just got divorced and lost his son in custudy battle. His curse in his line when the male has a son he looses him and when he finally finds him he dies.
Rafe family curse is the first male dies by his 33 birthday. Rafe is 32 and has money and plays hard.
Amber tells them she can't help and finally is willing to do their geneolgy and see if she can tell them anything about their family curses.
Their is a lot of magic,elf,drawfs brownies and bad guys and quests.
I really love all three of the brownies and others that bond with Amber and their relationships. I think its the interaction of the characters that makes this a book I did not want to put down.  Hope to read more about Mystic Circle residents.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
13/27/2011 PUB Harlequin Luna

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FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thank you so VERY much. Enchanted No More was Book 1, and I also write Fantasy Romance (the focus is on the relationship between the man and woman), set on a planet called Celta. I don't have brownies, but I have telepathic cats, dogs, foxes and the occasional bunny.

Thanks again, reviews like yours keep me motivated during deadlines.