Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: Too Much Stuff by Don Bruns

This mystery case is solved by two P.I.s who are not the most on the balls. James Lessor and  Skip started More or Less Investigations after collage. They graduated at the bottom  half of their class.  They watched a lot
of old movies instead of studing. They are always quoting old movies and the other one is g uessing.
They have been hired to go to KeyWest and try to find 10 boxes of gold that was on a train in 1937 that was destroyed by a hurricane that killed over 500. The Flager railroad took 6 years to build but destroyed by hurricane.
Mary Trueblood had hired 6 months ago other P.I.s that had vanished their number disconnected and internet site down.  She found a letter that her grandfather had sent in code that he survived the hurricane.  Where he might stash the gold for his company he would leave a clue their. He was afraid he might not be able to get back each box weighed around 200lbs worth around 44 millions dollars in todays market.
James & Skip before they get too far in the investigations find a dead body in thier hotel room. Emily Skip's girl friend back home recieved a death threat to James, Skip and Mrs. Trueblood.
So Emily comes down to join the boys. James has found a couple of girls in the mean time.
They keep running into danger and making not the smartest moves especially James.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
12/12/2011 PUB Oceanview Publishing

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