Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review:Three the Hard Way by Matthew Iden

4 Stars
I am enjoying a new feature on my kindle where it reads the books outloud to you.  I can read or listen to alot more books this way. I listened to Three the Hard Way last night when my eyes were too tired to see the words clearly.
Their are three short stories in this collection that make you think it does not give you all the answers.
The first story is very up todate. Unfortunatly I can see this really could happen.
A couple bought a new house a year ago and now they are going to loose the house.  They are at the bank trying to get them to help them to keep it.
Where a year ago the bank manager could not have been more happy to deal with them whereas now he is all hard nose bank manager.  When the bank is getting robbed.
These stories are not the Happy ever after stories but could really happened and in some ways are happening now. They are short stories easy to understand and follow. I was given this ebook from the author in exchange for honest review.

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