Friday, December 30, 2011

Review:Upon a Mystic Tide by Vicki Hinze

This is the second of three books in Seascape Inn series.  Well scince I cried in it I have to say I was feeling this story.  Was not sure how much I would like this one but I did.
Tony the matchmaking ghost is back and so is the townsfolk who we met in the first book.
Dr. Bess Cameron is getting divorce really soon even though only lived with her husband one year but seperated 6 years. She was seperated when she got her job at a radio dJ she is psychoiogist and cancells on talk radio her boss lets her know that the owner will let her go when she finds out.
Right after that conversation Tony calls the show live and lets everyone know her divorce will be final soon. Tony also talks to her in her head at same time. 
Bess visits her friendsT.J. and Maggie  finally look at seascape painting and feels she has to go their right now.  T.J. & Maggie fell in love at seascape inn with Tony's help.
John Mystic still listens to his wife radio show and feels  concern about the weird telephone call Tony had made.  He never wanted the divorce and does not why Bess left him.  He has had a case over 6 years ago to find Elise's daughter she thinks was kidnapped but Bess & FBI think she eloped. John has put Elise's case first in his life even over Bess. Elise has been more to a mother for John and she dies and Bess does not even go to funeral.
John & Bess fight through their lawyers about who wants what. Bess nothing John wants her to have half.  Their Judge is ready to put Bess in jail or pay 10,000 fine. John can't pay it for her. So John follows her up to Maine and Tony starts to talk to him in his mind and fixes Bess car so she can't leave.
I can't wait to read the last book next. Hope I don't cry in that one too.
I was given this ebook too read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
12/15/2011 PUB Bell Bridge Books

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