Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacy

A romantic comedy reunion made for a fun light hearted book with meaning.  I felt good reading and hoping things would all work out. Their were more than one couples story to route for.
Keri Daniels is a writer for a magazine in LA who's boss Tina wants a story about Joe Kowalski.  Joe Kowalski does not do interviews any more. Joe writes scary horror novels.  He lives in his hometown back East close to all his family.
Tina just found out that her writer used to date Joe back in high school 20 years ago and wants Keri to get the scoop on Joe.
Keri wanted to be a writer and famous not loose herself in being Joe's wife.  So she left after graduation leaving Joe behind.
Joe agrees to interview with conditions.  He will answer a question everyday if she can stick it out with all his family on their two week camping trip.  She can not bring phone, computer, camera or any electronic devices.
Keri used to be good friends with Joe's twin sister Terry up till high school when they had a falling out.  Terry's husband had left her 3 months ago, so she is in a trailer with her teenager Stephanie.
Kevin is Joe's younger brother who is divorced now and owns a bar.
Mike and his wife have 4 boys the youngest will be in school this year.  Mike does not want any more kids. His wife does and they are having issues.
Joe's parents have a big RV that they are using and his mom and Keri's mom are still good friends.
I like that we learn a little about more than just Keri and Joe's story. How all relationships change and marriage is work not just the end of the story.  I want to know more about them all and hope to read more about the Kowalski family in the future.
I had a great time readimg about them all.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
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