Friday, December 30, 2011

Review:Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter

I felt for Shay in so many ways. I could not believe how Travis had left her on the court steps in her wedding dress with no money or change of clothes at 18.
Shay was trying on wedding dress for founder's day ceremony when Travis walked into the shop were she was trying it on.  Shay was not happy to see him after all these years and especially wearing a wedding dress.
Travis had regretted leaving Shay and how he did it.  He came back six months later and Shay was married to someone else and soon to be a mother. So Travis had not been back since until his mom called and asked him to watch over their ranch.  Travis started to say no but his mom told him Shay was single again.  Travis jumped at the chance to come back and try with Shay again.
The groom for founder's day ceremony had to step out and they got Travis to do it.  Shay only found out when she got to the preacher.  Turned out their wedding license from years ago that they had both signed got brought to ceremony and preacher signed it and mailed it with others he had.
Shay was loosing her family ranch and had broken her foot.  Travis offered to carry ranch for 5 months if she will give him a chance to be together again.  Shay had to accept his help.  Oliva liked having Travis around.
It was a good story.  Easy to see what happened in the past and future mistakes.  Was fun to watch them work things out. Good clean story.  I would read more books from 'denise again.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review.
01/03/2012 PUB Thomas Nelson

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