Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: Helius Legacy by S. Alexander O'Keefe

Action packed, greed,power hungry, bad guys and good friends.  It never stops or drags. You don't want it to put the book down till its over.
A reporter Richard Steinman working on his own found out about a  billion dollar fraud by Helius Energy and Mason family for decades.
A property that the mason family bought in 1890s would be returned if any minerals were taken out of the land.  In the early 1900s oil was discovered and drilled on the property it has made billions of dollars it is the 5th biggest oil field in US. Carter Mason's grandfather had all the descendents murdered or so he thought.  They also got passed a law that all previous land deeds would be sunset in after the upcomming at the beginning of the year.
Richard was looking and found that their was one heir left, he tried calling and left a message to John Caine. Also called a lawyer friend to know whats going on. When Richard learned that the Helius company learned he was looking into the records. Why Richard left the bar he noticed a guy acting suspicous and communicating to a car. Richard made it to his car and a car chase started.He tried to call Andrea again only to leave a message. He had a package almost ready to mail with Fedx  to get proof to Andrea as back up and was able to throw into a delivery truck of another companie.  Richard was able to do that without the car chasing him see. Then after his tires shot out and he was killed.
Helius has a private security that handles a lot of problems for the international company.  If he needs someone to disappear or be bribed or made to look unreliable. They did what ever they had to.  Their orders were to get rid of Richard Steinman and evidence of the story.  They got Richard's cell phone and reciept for fedx delivery before car exploded.
They learned that John Caine was a heir to the property.  So He was marked for death and Andrea was bugged to find out what she knew and to get the package.
John Caine was up at his cabin when a helacopter woke him up.  On his way to kitchen he saw movement in trees and realized a team heavy armed was getting into position around cabin.  Unknown about John was that he used to be a member of US army. Later John was a member of French Foreign league in a very secret top level assault team.  John was trained and did many top secret missions for USA and other originations. He also had a backpack with weapons ready to go at minute so he figured away to distract team while he escaped on snowmobile.  Then the real chase begins with many cars,helacopter, buildings destroyed ,kidnapping. While John figured out what was going on.
I would read more S. Alexander O'Keefe books in the future. I was very well entertained and into the story.  I would recommend this book  a lot. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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