Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Tyler Palewhite: Soft-Boiled Detective by Joseph valentinetti

I liked it but is not a book I will reread again. The characters took awhile for me to care about them.
Tyler is a salesman who is always toward the bottom in sales. Tyler is always making excuses why that is. Plus he is always asking his friend to cover for him. Tyler wants to be a writer in fact he wrote one detective book and sent it off to lots of publishers. No short stories or articles just the one novel. It keeps on comming back rejected.
Tyler gets the idea to fake being a real detective to help sell his book. He then uses sales training to sell himself. He makes business cards,stationary and advertises. He starts getting a few cases that he does find the people by using  computers.  Then he gets cases that he bumbles through and with his friends gets over his head in trouble.
The ending was okay but I wanted a little bit more from it.
I was given this book from the author in exchange of honest review from librarythings.

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