Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Dead Head by Rosemary Harris

I enjoyed reading Dead Head. It is the third Dirty business mystery. I now want to go back and read the first two and look forward to the fourth one coming out soon.
Paula Holiday is a gardner and she is known to look into things sometimes.  She doesn't have an office but she hangs out in a diner and does planting for it.Caroline A friend wants to go into business with her and buy the old Nursery plant business.  Caroline would front the money and put it in Paula's name.
Before Paula could except Caroline was arrested for a jail break.  Monica was her real name and when she was a cheerleader busted for selling drugs and got 40 years sentence.  After 18 months she was on a work release job and got away.
Grant Caroline's husband had no idea that his wife had hidden such a thing from her.  Grant hired Paula to find the mystery caller that turned his wife in. 
Than Grant and most of the town thought it was Paula herself who turned Caroline and Paula was looseing lots of business. So to clear her name she needed to keep looking.
It was a good mystery that kept you guessing who was doing what and why.
Plus some comedy of errors.  I was given this book by Rosemary and asked in exchange to give honest review.
2010 PUB Minataur books st. Martins Publishing Group

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