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For Joey: A love story (The Rockland Ranch Series) by Jaclyn M. Hawkes

He didn’t mean to mislead her.
She didn’t mean to fall in love with him.
Joey Rockland is the only sister among 6 brothers on the sprawling Rockland Ranch. Leggy, beautiful, and the best darn exotic sports car mechanic in the whole valley, Joey has lots of male admirers, but no one who actually makes her feel emotional fireworks—until an intriguing and hunky Easterner shows up.
Burnt out with high society, lonely, and mourning his father’s recent death, when New York banking tycoon Michael Morgan accepts a friend’s offer to use his remote ranch house in Wyoming, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into.
Thinking he will lick his wounds alone and unknown out west, Michael is surprised when even though he doesn’t tell anyone who or what he is, he’s cheerfully swallowed up into the huge Rockland family. Their world of brown eggs, homemade bread, anonymous acts of service, and unlocked doors is like a foreign country to him sometimes. Still, their slightly boisterous, yet always entertaining welcome is exactly what his thrashed spirit needs.
Now if he can just make Joey realize that he’s exactly what she needs as well.

My Review: For Joey: A love story (The Rockland Ranch Series)


I really like this series of romances. Love the characters both the old and the new ones. Love the family closeness to each other, love the scenery. That it is a good clean read that you don't want to put down.

Did not like how all of a sudden Joey lost her confidence for so long. It just did not seem real to me. Maybe it was because she was feeling pain and trapped.

Joey loves cars. even wants to design safer cars. She works on the family ranch. She is the only girl with 7 brothers. She has lots of guys wanting to marry her but she is holding out for love. One is a famous singer, one a doctor. She is talented, beautiful, kind and caring. She sees Michael in trouble and wants to help him.

Michael Morgan is a strong character. His father just died and he is morning. He gets out of town and stays at a friends house he just received. Michael is finding out that small town is a lot different than New York City. He is a banker, writes music and is rich.

Joey and her mom want to help Michael heal. They offer food, company and animals to help. In fact her whole family befriend him.

Michael actually knows two of the women that have married into the Rockland family. They know more about him in different ways, and keep his secrets.

Does talk about prayer, That their is life after death. That they believe in a heaven.

I bought this story from Amazon and have another couple of her books to read. I like Jaclyn M. Hawkes
I have read a few of her books and have enjoyed them. You can find my other reviews below.

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