Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Plots and Pans by Kelly Eileen Hake


Order dictates Tucker Carmichael’s life—his orders. On a cattle drive, a moment’s hesitation can mean death. The Chisholm Trail is dirty, dangerous, and no place for women. After years at school, Jessalyn Culpepper has come home and is determined to show everyone that a woman can manage everything from cooking to cattle—whether they like it or not! Tucker tries to manage his partner’s headstrong sister, horrified when she wants to join the cattle drive. But when they need a chuck wagon cook, Jessalyn seems the only solution. Will God stir up love along a trail filled with their Plots and Pans?

My Review: Plots and Pans


I like the cover it fits with Jessalyn personality. I like the characters, the plot, not to preachy just how prayer helps in lots of ways. Like the secondary characters too. Clean read.

I was expecting more of the story to be on the cattle drive part of the story. Wanted a little more to their courtship besides fighting. Maybe more long walks and discussions ect.

Love how Jessalyn accepted her Aunt and welcomed her into the family. She just wanted to be loved and accepted. Did not matter the color of her skin.

Jessalyn has been away from home for seven years. She has been sent over to England to become a lady. She just wants to be free and be back home in Texas. She did not like her answers to prayers so stopped praying. She is feisty, brave and sometimes jumps into things before she realizes the dangers.

Tucker is the ranch foreman. He does not want to see Jess hurt and takes his responsibility too heart to protect her. He is a hard worker. Is afraid of Jess getting hurt and causing lots of trouble.

It touches a little on troubles of slavery and acceptance of blacks after the civil war. A little about what woman were expected to be and do for their safety. About ranch life and being on a cattle drives and the problems.

The setting for most of the book is Bar None Ranch 1872- 79.

Full of laughter, drama and action

I would read more from Kelly Eileen Hake in the future.

I was given this ebook to read and in exchange asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Barbour books.

publication: April 1st 2014 by Shiloh Run Press Barbour Publishing, Inc. 320 pages ISBN 9781620299586

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