Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Resurrection in Mudbug (Ghost-in-Law #4) by Jana Deleon

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the bayou…

Jadyn St. James is excited to start her job as game warden in Mudbug, Louisiana, and hopes it is the beginning of a new and improved life. She expected to run across any number of odd occurrences in the small bayou town, but she never thought her life would be in danger within a matter of days. And that’s not even the worst thing.
Helena Henry was hell on wheels—both alive and dead—when she resided in Mudbug, and a year in heaven hasn’t improved her one bit. Now, she’s back and has brought trouble with her.

When it becomes apparent that a major crime is occurring in Mudbug, Colt Bertrand is more than frustrated to be saddled with an inexperienced game warden, especially one who looks like Jadyn. But it soon becomes apparent that they need to put their differences aside if they expect to solve the crime, and more importantly, stay alive.
ebook, 255 pages
Published June 10th 2013 by Jana DeLeon

My Review: Resurrection in Mudbug

4 Stars

I laughed so hard in places. This is a light hearted book. Some old characters are back and a few new ones. I like the characters, the laughter, the strong women.

The main Character that is back is Helena Henry. She has been in Heaven for a year and now she is back causing mayhem. Helen was not a nice person when she was alive. She still has a lot of issues.

Their is a couple of scenes with Helen running around scared for her life or scaring others that just made me laugh out loud. The type of scenes that you just want to stop reading and share it with others.

Jayden is the new game warden. She is also Maryse cousin. Her first day on the job is a wild one . She also sees Helena talking with Maryse. So everyone is worried that her life is in danger.

Colt is the sheriff of Mudbug. He has issues with Jayden. He is the take charge type of person.

This book is a fast paced story. takes place in small town of Mudbug, Louisiana and the surrounding swamp areas.

I hope we see more of Helen and her friends back for more fun and laughter. I will read more books by Jana Deleon.

I bought it on Amazon.

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