Friday, February 14, 2014

Hidden Falls: The Mayor's Quandary - Episode 5 by Olivia Newport

Hidden Falls – An Exciting New 13-Part Serial Novel from Shiloh Run Studios

Investigations seems such an odd word to use in Hidden Falls. Quinn is still missing. Sylvia faces her ransacked shop. And now Dani’s sabotaged boat has gone over the falls. Are these events related or just bad timing? Everyone wants answers. In all of this, as mayor, business owner, and daughter of Emma, Sylvia has never felt so inadequate, so empty of answers. . .so lost without Quinn. She’s never liked Jack Parker much, but maybe he can use his connections to find Quinn. What could it hurt? Lauren’s past resurges to haunt her. Nicole suffers a setback that might force her off the hunt for Quinn. Ethan’s future is on the line. And Liam’s suspicions about the missing money are full of disturbing possibilities. If Quinn would just return, Hidden Falls could get back to normal. If only it were that easy. . . .

Format: Kindle Edition
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Print Length: 62 pages
Publisher: Shiloh Run Studios (14 February 2014)Barbour Publishing, Inc.

My Review:Hidden Falls: The Mayor's Quandary - Episode 5 by Olivia Newport


I wish the cliffhanger resolutions were longer. I am still addicted to Hidden Falls. Do think the storylines are rushed.
Their is so much going on in all the episodes.

I like the characters so far. I like that the town is worried about Quinn and Dani and want to help.
I hope that what ever Quinn is up to is on the positive side. If he changes their will be a lot of unhappy people in the town of Hidden Falls and a bunch of readers.
Their are new dramas, mysteries popping up. The whole town of Hidden Falls is starting to worry and are being stressed.

I like reading Olivia Newport books. But I do wish these episodes were longer. I feel like they are a 30 minute tv show when I want the hour long dramas compared.
It is a clean read. Another cliffhanger ending that wants to make you come back and read what is going on.

I was given this ebook to read by Netgalley and in exchange asked to give honest review.

Episode 1 – Ordinary Secrets releases 12/28/13

Episode 2 – Losing Quinn releases 1/24/14

Episode 3 – A Town in Trouble releases 1/31/2014

Episode 4 – Unexpected Hero releases 2/7/2104

Episode 5 – The Mayor’s Quandary releases 2/14/2014

Episode 6 – No Time for Answers releases 2/21/2014

Episode 7 – Yesterday’s Promise releases 2/28/2014

Episode 8 – All You Need to Know releases 3/7/2014

Episode 9 – A Fair Refuge releases 3/14/2014

Episode 10 – One Familiar Tune releases 3/21/2014

Episode 11 -- When Memory Came releases 3/28/2014

Episode 12 – The Groundskeeper Remembered releases 4/4/2104

Episode 13 – Distinguishing Marks releases 4/11/2014

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