Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taken for English by Olivia Newport

Description Taken for English

Annie joined the Amish church based on prayerful conviction, not romantic dreams. And yet, she’d hoped to share her new life with Rufus. But he’s obviously in no hurry. Family history clearly shows it’s never been easy living a plain life in the English world. Will the changes and challenges Annie now faces as a young Amish woman test her newfound faith in good ways or bad? And how long will Rufus test her patience?

Valley of Choice Series:
Book 1 - Accidentally Amish
Book 2 - In Plain View

My Review: Taken for Emglish


I have read and enjoyed all three books of this series. Like the other two stories it has two stories in it. Sometimes it is hard to switch back and forth fron the past in 1800 and now.

This is a clean read. Lots of characters who I liked. Lots of relationships intertwined.
Annie finally gets baptized into the Amish religion. Everyone was expecting her to get married to
Rufus is having problems with his work and wonders what do. When and where he will live in the future.
Ruth is living with Annie while she does a internship in town with clinic. She likes some things about being English. She stills has a lot of schooling to finish to be a nurse.
Elijah is thinking about leaving his Amish faith. He still loves Ruth.

Somebody is starting fires in the community. Rufus thinks it could be one suspect and Ruth wonders if it could be another one.

In the past a feud between two families start and causes a lot of pain to everyone when innocents gets caught in between the two families.

I personally would have enjoyed it better as two books instead of one.

I would continue to read Olivia Newport books in the future.

This ebook was given to me for purpose of reviewing it and giving honest review of it by Netgalley.

02/01/2014 PUB. Barbour Publishing, Inc. ISBN 9781616267148

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