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Sugarplum Homecoming by Linda Goodnight


A New Mommy For Christmas

Widower Davis Turner doesn't need to hear his children's whispered wishes for a new mom to recognize that new neighbor Lana Ross is a beautiful woman. But he worries that his feelings for the former bad girl could put his family at risk for small-town scandal. Lana knows she should steer clear of Davis. Yet she can't resist spending time with the handsome single dad, even if the truth might soon tear them apart. Though Lana has turned over a new leaf, her secrets have followed her to Whisper Falls. Secrets that could destroy her hope for a future with Davis.

Whisper Falls: Where every prayer is answered

My Review: Sugarplum Homecoming

4 stars

Parents should never sleep especially during the day when kids will climb anything. That would be scary to see your kids climb rocks to a waterfall. Nathan and Page got their dad to take them on a picnic by the falls. So while he slept they could climb up the rocks and get behind waterfall and say a special prayer. They want a new mom with brown hair.

Sugarplum is sweet, laughed so hard when Davis told how he scared some teenagers that breaking into her haunted house. Made me think about how I am judging people because of their past ways. Others are just embracing everyone.

Lana and her twin sister Tess where known to party, drink and sing. Lana was going to be a star. Now she is back home where all the bad memories are. She has given up singing and drinking to give Sydney a home.

Lana has to face her past and fears instead of running away for Sydney. She has a job writing for the local papers. The activities of town like high school games, festivals and other town activities.

When Nathan and Page see Lana movie in with a girl close their age they think the special prayer worked.

Davis remembers her from school and has to decides what is best for his kids.
Davis sister was never her friend and talks bad about her in front of kids. Spreads gossip about how she was 10+ years ago.

Sugarplum is a fun romance. I liked the kids and how the adults characters cared about them and their relationships with each other.

I want to go back to Whisper falls and find out how all the characters are doing.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review of it.

Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired (November 19, 2013) 224 pages ISBN:9780373878543

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