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Hidden Falls: A Town in Trouble - Episode 3 Olivia Newport


Hidden Falls – An Exciting New 13-Part Serial Novel from Shiloh Run Studios

Without Quinn, the town’s in trouble. Finding Quinn’s car wrapped around a tree doesn’t ease anyone’s mind that he’ll reappear safe and sound. Could he have walked away from the accident unscathed? Rumors fly, as everyone in Hidden Falls wonders what kind of trouble Quinn must be in—and begin to realize the trouble they’re in without him. Lauren tries not to panic as she pieces together the plans for the health fair. Ethan risks his job to finagle more time to help Nicole look for Quinn. Young children, students, church members. . .so many people rely on Quinn to simply be there—and now he’s not.

If Quinn is okay, why wouldn’t he let anyone know—not even Sylvia? That hurts more than she’d like to admit. The stress and fear of it all, combined with her mother’s creeping dementia, just might undo her—especially when big trouble comes knocking down the door of her shop. . . .

A new must-read episode releases every week starting January 24!

My Review:Hidden Falls: A Town in Trouble - Episode 3 Olivia Newport


Darn I have to wait now for the next episode. This is another cliffhanger leaving you wanting the next one now not in a week.
Their are lots of mysteries going on right now. Lots of drama, action and getting to know the characters better.

I like how in the front of the last two episodes it has a list of characters names and roll. For people like me who have bad memories. Hope I am not like Emma yet.

Ethan and Nicole are not sitting around to wait to hear about Quinn. They are searching.

Lauren is trying to figure out about the Health fair. Quinn was going to update her on Monday.

Liam is having problems of his own and he does not know where to turn to for help.

Jack is bored with his law practice he wants something to sink his teeth into.

Dani is fishing.

So far more questions arise and leave you wanting to know more about the problems and answers.

This is a clean read. It is considered Christian story. So far just mentioned of characters who went to church and who did not go. No preaching.

This is addicting! I crave more of the story line and don't want to wait. I liked that I had three episodes to read in a row.
I will get the next episode as soon as I can.

I was given this episode and in return for it agreed to give honest review of it by Netgalley

Publisher: Shiloh Run Studios Barbour Publishing, Inc.
(January 31, 2014) 62 pages ISBN:9781628369199

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