Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guarding the Witness by Margaret Daley


Guarding the Witness is a Guardians, Inc. book.

I really enjoy this suspense novel. The tension remained tight through the book. Every time things calmed down something else happened. It is also a clean read. Their is a lot of praying and realizing that prayer works. Its not preachy just part of the story.

Their were so many heroes in this book. When you think of all the good cops, U.S. Marshalls and other law agencies that are risking their lives so we can be safe, thank you.

Arianna is a bodyguard protecting a women from her husband when she sees a murder by a crime boss. So now Arianna is under the U.S. Marshalls protection. The first safe house she was in had a security break so they moved her farther away in a forest ranger cabin in the woods.

The first team was getting ready for the second team to take over guarding her. Brody Callahan is with the second team. While it is his turn to sleep he is waken up by a silencer sound inside the cabin. He goes out into the hallway not sure if it was a dream or there was really a breach. Arianna heard the noise too. Arianna brought her own gun with her. She went to the hallway to. They both eased up to find that two gunmen were in the cabin. They each took one out. The U.S. Marshall inside the front room was dead.
Brody ran into the third guy outside and had to fight him before he could take him out. He could not find the third Marshall.

Arianna and Brody took what they could find and put in backpack and then started to hike out of the woods. Brody was afraid of a mole inside his office so he could not call for backup.

They have so many trials to overcome to get her to Anchorage so she can testify and put a crime boss away for murder but he has a lot on the line so he has offered a contract killing for her. She has to get over her fear of running water to cross a river to get to safety. They face a lot of bad guys dressed as good guys.

I have read two of the Guardian, Inc. books and I like would like to read the others.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley.com
06/04/2013 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired 288 pages ISBN 9780373445417

Description below taken off of Netgalley.com

After two months of protective custody, bodyguard Arianna Jackson is days away from testifying at a murder trial when the unthinkable happens. Her Alaska safe house is attacked, and Arianna is forced to go on the run with U.S. Marshal Brody Callahan. Arianna is used to issuing orders, not taking them, but now, out in the wild, with a bounty on her head and a killer on her heels, she has only one hope of making it to testify-the handsome protector at her side.

Guardians, Inc.:Born to protect, bound to fall in love

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