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I spy by Jordan McCollum blog tour and review

My Review


I was contacted last week and was offered this book I Spy to read. Told me it was about CIA agent working in Canada and a clean read. One person brought up Alias show it reminded them. So I thought I would sample it and see if it was a book I wanted to read this week for their blog tour. I did not want to put the book down. It grabs you and keeps you wanting more.

I did not realize it was published by a Orem company. When she talked about not having to make excuses because she did not drink. It clicked in my head. Then I went and read a little about the author. Hey it is a LDS fiction standards. No gospel taught. But did mention mission is why she speaks Russian, no alcohol drinks.

I Spy was just liked it was billed. A Spy novel that was full of drama, action, romance, danger, humor and a clean read. Every time I think things have calmed down something else happens and the danger is elevated again. Love the characters.

Talia is a CIA operative working in Canada. She speaks four languages and one of them is Russian. She has been dating her boyfriend for a year but lately as stood him up a lot because of work, take phone calls from work or be late. The case she is working with the Canada task force she is one of two agents that speak Russian. So she is on call right now a lot.

Danny is a smart guy working in Canada on top secret clearance. He has no idea that Talia is a agent not a lawyer. He is jealous of her co-worker Elliott who is always interrupting their dates. He wants a special date. No phones, no canceling at last moment no Elliott.

Elliott has not had his head in the game lately. His wife is his due anytime to go into labor. He took a phone call and was not being back up for Talia and she almost got caught. It could have cost her life. She tells her boss Will to give him one more chance. Will told her it could be her life on the line.

Their are some funny scenes with all three in a tight enclosures. Where Elliott is really standing in between Danny and Talia. This is a fast paced book. Most of it takes place in one day.

I definitely want to read more of Jordan McCollum's books in the future.
I was given this ebook and asked to give honest review of it when finished.
Publisher: Durham Crest Books (May 27, 2013) 312 pages ASIN: B00D1WWAZW

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About the Book

Canada is probably the last place you'd expect to find an American spy. But even idyllic Ottawa has its deadly secrets—and so does CIA operative Talia Reynolds. She can climb through ventilation shafts, blend in at the occasional diplomatic function, even scale buildings (small ones). But there’s one thing she can’t do: tell her aerospace engineer boyfriend Danny about her Top Secret occupation.

It worked for a year, keeping Danny in the dark, keeping him away from danger, keeping her secrets. And then Talia finally catches a hot case: Fyodor Timofeyev. Russian. Aerospace executive. Possible spy?

She can make this work, too—until Danny needs her at the same time her country does. And when Fyodor targets Danny? Suddenly her schedule isn't the only thing suffering. Now to save her secrets and her country, Talia must sacrifice the man she loves.

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Advance praise

The edge-of-my-seat undercover operations kept me turning pages, and just when I thought the story would go one way, plot twists sent it down another path. Thrilling, adventurous, and romantic, this book has it all for an Alias fan.

Jami Gold, award-winning author

Jordan McCollum’s debut novel is a delightful combination of mystery, action, and romance. Talia’s CIA training and almost OCD caution feed her quirky humor while exposing her very human fears and insecurities. Add in her boyfriend Danny, and it's enough to twist your heart.

Donna K. Weaver, author of A Change of Plans

Clever, suspenseful, and charged with political intrigue and romance, I, Spy is the perfect combination for a fun and captivating read!

Michelle Davidson Argyle, author of Monarch

About the author

An award-winning author, Jordan McCollum can’t resist a story where good defeats evil and true love conquers all. In her day job, she coerces people to do things they don’t want to, elicits information and generally manipulates the people she loves most—she’s a mom.

Jordan holds a degree in American Studies and Linguistics from Brigham Young University. When she catches a spare minute, her hobbies include reading, knitting and music. She lives with her husband and four children in Utah.

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The clue for this stop is:

The I, Spy song was written, performed and produced by a songwriting duo.

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