Monday, June 17, 2013

What Not to Say When You're Running Away by Rachel John

My Review
The title really fits this story in many ways. This is a romantic comedy with LDS background. Not preachy just use of LDS terms. couple of scriptures. It is a funny clean story. So glad I am not dating. Both my girls are around this age though.
The characters are fun college kids going to school at Eastern Arizonia. The main 4 girl characters live in a house and across the street is the house that the guys are renting. They have a lot of activities and hang out together a lot.
The story starts out fast with drama at a singles dance. When Sara is dancing with Matt she asks, "His name" and then runs out of the building back to her room. Her friends immediately ask Matt what he did to upset their friend. Matt had no idea what happened. He just tells them he told her his name. Then Matt friends come over and join in the loud discussion. They had no idea they were living across the street from each other.
The soap opera of dating begins. They are all trying to figure out who and what they want in life at this age. Matt really liked Sara and finds out that she had dated his brother over the summer and had a bad breakup before he got home off his mission.
Matt really wants a chance to date Sara, but Sara just wants to be friends.
Sara goes out with one of his housemates who is Erik and only 17. Which turns into the wrong thing and causes more drama.
Rachel does a good job drawing the reader into the story and keeping their attention. I can tell she really captured the drama of college dating scene. So many like stories I hear from my girls. (okay right now I don't because one is on mission.)How girls are always feeding the guys. Of dating different people and liking someone who is dating someone else. I can see my daughter wearing prom dresses to cheer someone up or even to wear to singles dance or class.
I had a smile on while reading and just thinking about some scenes make me smile again. I would read another book by Rachel John in the future.
I was given this ebook from Rachel John yesterday and thought it looked good so I read it today. The review is how I honestly feel about the book.
Published May 18th 2013 234 pages ASIN: B00CVK63ZI

Description below taken off of Goodreads.

Sara is a second year student at a tiny junior college in Thatcher Arizona. The summer was a disaster, and all she wants is to be back with her close-knit roommates and blend into the background. She doesn’t want to get married. She doesn’t even want to date again for awhile. Little does she know that the small glitch in her plan will come in the form of Matt Constanello, the persistent guy living across the street who just might make her change her mind.

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