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Arkansas weddings by by Shannon Taylor Vannatter

Arkansas Weddings


This is three novellas that happen in Romance Arkansa. They happen right after each other and the same characters are in all three stories. So I hope I don't mix up what happens in one story and saying it happened in a different one. I should have stopped after reading each novella and written the review on that story. But I was enjoying reading it and just kept reading till I was done.

As I read one story after another my perspective of the different characters changed as they grew and changed too. These are Christian romance and two of the characters are preachers. So church is definitely part of the story, scriptures, prayer and changing yourself by accepting Christ in your life and turning your life over to him. The characters are not perfect. They have faults, good in them and grow.
This is a character rich story. There is drama, trials of faith, you feel good as you read this book.

White Roses

Adrea Welch is a florist. She is decorating for wedding when she meets Pastor Grayson Sterling. She has been making his white roses order for the last six years that he always orders for his wife. The past two years and takes them to the cemetery.
Adrea two years ago was engaged to marry Wade and she got him sleeping with another woman and called off the wedding.

Gray's wife was killed by a drunk driver. He has had a hard time moving on without her. He does have a son Dayne. His twin sister Grace is a cater. She helps him take care of Dayne. He wanted to quit preaching but his church would not let him, but he is getting an associate pastor.

All of a sudden Adrea keeps running into Grayson all over. She even starts coming to his church when her brother Mark takes the associate pastor job on trial basis.

White Doves

Laken is the new postmaster for Romance. She is not happy to being back into town. She has not seen her parents for eight years. Her mom is a big gossip, snob too. Her father is a drunk. Her mom comes to the post office to confront her daughter.

Hayden Winter is the new mail carrier. He took a demotion so he was able to move with his nephew to romance to be close by his parents. Hayden is raising his nephew Brady since his sister died three years ago. Brady is in a wheel chair. He does not know who his father is only his first name.

Now Collin finds out he has a son and he is ready to step in and be a father to him. He wants to take him to California where he lives. Collin left town when he graduated school and has not been back since either. He moves in and is staying with his sister Laken.

White Pearls

Shell is remodeling a new bed and breakfast for her boss. She is not happy to be back in Romance. She wants to get this job finished and return back home. To her son Chase who her sister and husband has been raising. Shell has slept around a lot. Her mom has been arrested for hooking. Shell was the other woman that Wade slept with three weeks before his wedding. She finds out that the person putting in the gardens of the bed and breakfast is her old boyfriend Ryler.
Ryler has come to Romance because he wants to meet his birth parents and find out about them. He is not impressed with his mom but he found out he has a brother and sister in town. He wants to meet them. Not sure if he will ever tell them or not. He fell in love with Shell not sure if they work together or not. He has a hard time dealing with parents giving their kids to others to raise.

The secondary characters are great. They might have just a little role in one book but a bigger part in the next story. You really get a chance to see the characters grow.

I was given this ebook and asked to give honest review of it when I was finished by Netgalley
09/12/2013 PUB. Barbour Publishing, Inc 384 pages ISBN 9781624162121
Description below taken off of Netgalley

Love’s never easy in three Arkansas romances. Pastor Grayson is still grieving his wife’s death. Will a budding relationship with florist Adrea Welch be the healing he needs to plant new love in his life? Laken left home eight years ago and never looked back. Now she’s in Romance, Arkansas, again, but is she too close to her past—and Hayden Winters? Shell doesn’t have a good reputation. But no matter what everyone thinks, she’s back in town with a job to do. Will Ryler Grant disrupt her plans. . .and change her heart?

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