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Designed to Death (Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery, #2) by Christina Freeburn


I have now read 2 Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery books and have enjoyed both. Faith can get into a lot of trouble doing nothing.
This is a cozy mystery novel. It kept who the bad person was till almost the end. It had some twists I was not expecting.
the plot was believable. It had lots of humor, love triangle sort of, gossip, lots of scrapbooking ideas and information. Kept my attention and I hated that I could not finish last night but I did this morning.

Faith Hunter has a lot of secrets about what she did when she was away from her hometown about her marriage. She was hurt and afraid to get back into the dating scene. She is attracted to two guys. Both are good guys. One is Ted a police detective. The other is Steve a Prosecutor.

Steve lives in same area as Faith and her two grandmothers. They all live in same condo complex. Faith's grandmothers keep throwing her at Steve. Steve has some secrets too. He is interested in Faith.

Ted is a homicide detective and he is one person that knows about Faith's past. He tries to keep Faith out of his way he is afraid she will get into trouble. He cares about Faith too.

Faith gets into a fight in her grandmothers scrapbooking store. She is trying to stop two cousins Belinda and Darlene from fighting.

That night Belinda is killed behind the shop. Faith and Steve find the body.

There are a couple of things that I still wonder about in the story. But it good be I missed the answers. One scene I found really funny is both grandmas ground her for a month.
Their are lots of relationships mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins or grandmothers and granddaughter. Some seemed healthy and some not so much. I really do like Faith and her Grandmothers relationship to each other. Both sets of grandparents stepped into raise her after her parents died. They lived next store to each other and best friends.
I look forward to reading more Faith Hunter Scrap this books.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley.
09/10/2013 PUB Henery Press 288 pages ISBN 9781938383526

Descriptions below taken off of Goodreads.
Designed to Death (Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery, #2)
by Christina Freeburn (Goodreads Author)

Faith Hunter planned the perfect event at her grandmother’s shop, Scrap This, featuring local scrapbooker and Life Artist Diva, Belinda Watson. But the extravaganza goes up in a cloud of glitter when Belinda and her cousin, Darlene, brawl over scraplifted designs. Faith attempts to break it up, but only makes things worse. Then when Belinda turns up dead behind the Scrap This store, Faith’s involvement goes viral.

As accusations against her turn vicious, Faith sets out to prove her nemesis, Darlene, committed the crime, only to realize they are both innocent. Now they must team up or the murderer’s plan will come together seamlessly with the frenemies sharing a jail cell—or worse, a funeral.

Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you'll probably like them all! DESIGNED TO DEATH is the second book in the Faith Hunter Scrap This mystery series. Be sure to check out the first crafty mystery, CROPPED TO DEATH. Bonus: includes scrapbooking tips.


“Christina’s characters shine, her knowledge of scrapbooking is spot on, and she weaves a mystery that simply cries out to be read in one delicious sitting!” — Pam Hanson, Multi-Published Women’s Fiction Author

“This was a great read that had me reading non-stop from the moment I turned the first page. The author did a good job in keeping me in suspense with plenty of twists and turns and every time I thought I had it figured out, the author changed the direction in which the story was headed. What intrigued me most is Faith’s past and how it played in her approached to the clues she uncovered. The writing flowed easily and I liked the cast of characters in this charming whodunit. Christina has written an enjoyable story and I look forward to learning more about Faith and her friends.” – Dru Ann Love, Dru’s Book Musings

“Cropped To Death is a cozy mystery that exceeds expectations….Freeburn has crafted a mystery that does not feel clich├ęd or cookie-cutter….it’s her sense of humor that shows up in the book, helping the story flow, making the characters real and keeping the reader interested.…And she promises more Faith Hunter books—I hope she writes fast!” – Cynthia McCloud, Scrapbooking is Heart Work Blog

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