Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gem of a Ghost (A Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery #3) by by Sue Ann Jaffarian


So far this has been my least favorite of Sue Ann Jaffarian books that I have read. I think it was much more dark. Plus I don't like where it ended.
I was hard into the story. Not wanting it to end. I agree with Granny Apples in most of the book.
Their was a new ghost in this book we get to meet and the ghost was not friendly. Emma feels like she has to help the ghost so it will leave her friend alone. Stop trying to cause deaths around it.
You don't see much of Phil in this book. I missed him. Want more Phil.
The story was good, characters were interesting. History of Jim Thrope was interesting on.
I bought the book on amazon.
Published February 8th 2012 by Midnight Ink 307 pages

Description below taken off of Goodreads.

Emma Whitecastle would rather spend time with her boyfriend than help Joanna Reid get rid of her husband's ghost. But when she finds out Joanna's daughter has broken her engagement and attempted suicide, Emma and Granny Apples are compelled to investigate.

The multifaceted mystery unfolds in Hollywood, where a vengeful spirit strikes too close for comfort as Emma and Granny unearth a clue hidden in a haunted diamond. When the case leads Emma and a suave stranger to the historic mining town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, Emma must call upon a ghostly group of Molly Maguires to ease the pain of a century-old marriage gone bad.

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