Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Tattered Quilt (The Return of the Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club) Wanda E. Brunstetter

My Review


I really enjoyed The Tattered Quilt. I could see where most of the story lines where going but did not even guess where one ended up. It makes me want to make a quilt again. I enjoyed reading this story.
I missed the first book in the series but would not mind going back and reading it.

Emma Yoder Miller is planning another quilting class when her husband suggests they go down to Florida for a vacation. Emma agrees if no one signs up for her class that she has already advertised for. She does enjoy teaching her quilting class with her husband. They touched lives in their first class together.

Anna Lambright wants to do her rumschpringe time but her parents are holding onto her too tightly. She is eighteen. Her mom signed her up to take Emma's quilting class since she has had no luck teaching Anna how to sew. Anna does not want to go.

Carmen Lopez lives in Los Angeles and is a reporter. Her boss wants her to get a story about Amish kids going wild for rumschringe. He wants to use her brother-in-laws contacts to meet some Amish. When she gets to Shipshewana, Indiana and finds the quilting class is getting ready to start again she signs up with her boss okay.

Blaine lost a bet with friend Stuart who had taken the quilting class before so he had to take the class. He never thought he would lose a fishing bet. He would rather fish can't believe he has to make a quilt wall hanger.

Selma Nash is a grouchy lonely old lady. She is never happy and tells her neighbors all the time to keep their animals and pets off their lawns. Her neighbor Jan has been keeping his dog tied up. A couple of days after her birthday he handed her Emma's name and address and told her he paid for the class for her. That was the nicest anyone had been to her in along time. She knew she would be the best sewer in the class.

Jan had taken Emma's first quilting class. He surprised that he enjoyed it. Jan and Terry were working on the roof of Emma's house when a beautiful women went inside. Terry was smitten and wanted to meet her. He found out she was single and signed up for the class right then.

Cheryl the blond was told that Emma might be able to help her fix her grandma's tattered quilt. Cheryl's grandmother is in a rest home and wants to bring it to her fixed up when she goes home to Oregon for her birthday. When she finds a class is starting she agrees to take the class.

I like how these strangers over six week time learn about each other and make a difference in each others life. The characters had good and bad faults. They open up to each other and some change in little ways and some big. It does mention a few scriptures and prayer. A little about Amish life. Has some good humor thrown in too. It is a clean read.

I have enjoyed reading Wanda E. Brunstetter's books and will continue to look for them in the future.
publication: August 6th 2013 by Barbour Books 320 pages ISBN:1616260866

Description below taken off of Netgalley.

Join Emma Yoder Miller, the Amish widow-turned-newlywed, as she leads another quilting class with a new group of unlikely students, all with tattered pieces of their lives that need mending. Members of the patchwork group find friendship, faith, healing, and restoration while gathered around their quilts, under the Father’s guiding hands—for only He can take what’s ragged and shabby from the lives of His children and turn it into beauty for His glory.

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