Monday, August 19, 2013

The Maverick & the Manhattanite (Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys) by Leanne Banks

Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys is a series written by a bunch of authors. Rust Creek got hit by a bad flood they lost a lot including their elementary school and the Mayor. Sheriff Gage Christensen was out of town when the flood came. He feels guilty for being with his family.

Each book because its written by different author has a little bit different flavor to the story. They are still hurting bad. Lissa Roarke from New York City is coming to Rust Creek for her first volunteer coordinator in charge.

This story has a lot of heartwarming moments of people helping other people. Has some funny scenes, Has too many love scenes details it also has some romantic scenes. It inspires me to help others more, in what ever way I can. Has lots of familiar characters and some new ones too.

Lissa really wants to help the community of Rust Creek. She has lots of different volunteers scheduled to come at different times to help where they can. Professional and labor. The town is feeding the volunteers. Lissa is single from New York City. She has always liked the thought of cowboys. Of course she has some culture differences and hard time driving in snow. She has a lot of men willing to fight over her.

Sheriff Gage feels like he has to help everyone else get into their houses before he can work on his. He was able to get everything wet out of his house and fans in. He helps others after work each day. He would rather help then receive help.

My daughter had a stuff bunny that she took everywhere. It even went to collage so she would have been heartbroken if hers had to be thrown away.
I keep wanting to know from this series who will be the new Mayor of Rust Creek.

I was given this ebook and asked to give honest review of it when I was done by Netgalley.
Publication Date: August 20, 2013 | Series: Harlequin Special Edition (Book 2281) 224 pages ISBN-10: 0373657633

Description below taken off of Netgalley.

USA TODAY bestselling author Leanne Banks returns to Rust Creek Falls, the setting for the popular Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys, where a cowboy is sure to find love—when he least expects it!
Rust Creek Ramblings

Ever since volunteer coordinator Lissa Roarke rolled into town with her fancy luggage and metropolitan attitude, Sheriff Gage Christensen has been fit to be tied. Everything about Lissa seems to rub Gage the wrong way. She talks too fast, she's too bossy, she's just too…darned…irritating. And readers, you know what that means. It's only a matter of time before these two squawking opposites find their way—together!

But there's a rough road ahead for Rust Creek's sexy sheriff and his do-gooder girl. Can Big Sky and Big Apple make it past the first frost? Just how much will a city girl sacrifice for the strong arms of the law?

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