Sunday, August 11, 2013

Her Rancher Hero by Ann Roth


Her Rancher Hero is entertaining. The kids you just want to hug them. There are so many boy ranch stories out their because there is so many trying to help kids. Their are so many kids that need someone in their lives to teach them by good example.

I know in my are their are three that I know of. We all can take lessons from Hope Ranch. !. Hard work Is rewarding. 2. Too get respect you have too give it. 3. Good parenting is important bad parenting causes heartbreak.

Autumn comes back to her home town and gets a ticket for speeding again. Her mom's car has no tags. Autumn owes money to some stores in town. She is sentenced to 60 days community service as a housekeeper for Hope Ranch. It pays and has own small apartment included. It is either that or 60 days jail.

Autumn likes to clean but she can't cook. Nobody asked her if she can. Their are no beginner cookbooks on the ranch. The meals are rough. But she relates well with the boys. She also came from a single mom who was not interested in being a mom.

Cody Naylor the owner of Hope Ranch has taken on four teenagers who is on their last chance. two are 16 and two are 14. They are from big cities like New York, Chicago. Cody was a runaway too. He was lucky when he was got in the barn stealing a chicken. His foster father that found him and turned his life around. He built a successful business and sold it to come back and take care of his foster father when he got sick.

This is a character driven story. Their is some action, drama and romance. A couple of sex scenes I skipped over. I liked it. Made me glad for coming from a two parent home and sad because I know that my girls really missed out on having their father around.(He died before oldest was 3)

I won this book from Ann Roth,
Published January 2nd 2013 by Harlequin American Romance 224 pages (ISBN13: 9780373754403)

Description below taken off of Goodreads.

For the troubled foster boys who call it home, Hope Ranch is a last chance. For Cody Naylor, the ranch's owner, it's an opportunity to repay a debt to the foster father who saved his life. And for Autumn Knowles, it's a way to stay out of jail after a minor scrape with the law. Sentenced to a temporary job as housekeeper at the ranch, she's determined to show everyone she can be responsible.Gaining the boys' confidence is no easy matter. Learning to trust Cody is a whole other story. But with her job, her future and the future of the boys at stake, there's too much to lose by getting involved. Autumn's not about to get burned again…no matter how perfect the guy seems!

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